Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In Denial...and, Missing the Point Again...

A Crowd of "tens of thousands" [estimated at three-hundred thousand actually] of "mostly white conservative" citizens rallied in Washington this weekend...

You'd swear at this point that the journalists and politicos of leftland actually want to lose this next election. How stupid do they think the public really is?

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yes, It Sucks

Awesome "hate speech." Andrew Klavan does it again. Truth, facts, and humor.


Stop The Thinking And Do As You Are Told...for a better world ®

...We need to stop taking things so seriously and start taking things more seriously -- I'm serious.

We need a new change, a big change, some spare change.

We need you, you need us, we need we, and I need me.

Jump on the band wagon and ride for the world, but don't pollute it while protesting in Cancun (Mexico).

We need a better car, a better life, and a better god -- goddamit!

Jump in the parade, NOW! Do as I say, and think as I am, and follow my logic and buy the scam.

We've got a meat grinder specially made for you and your thoughts...and your rights.

Follow the leader and bow down before every lie they tell ya...because they care! -- in five colors and sometimes alternate choices.

There's a sunbeam in their heart and rabid secret in their soul, and in the end they want to push the same buttons you do while pretending to feed old cripples and crowds of rejects.

Follow their smiles and and learn to shed tears for every phony lie they throw at ya.....

I don't know about you, but I'm really into separting my trash...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Burkas for Euroland

(no time for blogging so here's a repost from long ago that still remains relevant today)

Nowhere today is the concept of "be nice to your enemy" more bizarrely displayed than in the limp and pampered realm of Euro-Socialist Land. Not all Europeans of course have bought into this self-destructive P.C. nonsense but the one's that have, as in America, pull a lot of strings in media and education.

Amir Taheri has an excellent overview of "pre-emptive obedience" at FrontPageMag.com.

"...In most European countries, an official black of list of books has emerged, containing works deemed to be "hurtful to Muslim sentiments". The list includes the names not only of such major European authors as Voltaire and Thomas Carlyle but also of Muslim writers whose work has been translated into European languages. For example, the novel Haji Agha by Sadeq Hedayat, translated into French and published in the 1940s, is no longer available. The novel Four Pains by Cyrus Farzaneh has also disappeared from French bookshops and libraries along with The Master by Darvish...."

Taheri's essay reminded me that; if one word were to overwhelmingly encompass the positive attributes of the American people, the word would be, "disobedience."

Europe's obedience of late is going to land it into one giant Burka if they don't soon come to their senses and realize they are under siege -- again -- from a totalitarianism within.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


“What's the deal with all the dumb asses?”

(note: This is intended to be light, whimsical, and perhaps crude...not for the uptight and fussy).

Scholars have debated the “dumb-ass” equation for millenia. I believe it was Marcus Aurelius in the 4th Century, who first confronted this vexing issue with the grand statement, “...what a dumb ass...is everyone a dumb ass or something? ...what's the deal with all of these dumb asses?”

Later in the 17th century, Descartes was known to ponder the dumb-ass issue with the now seminal philosophical statement, “I think, therefore most others don't think, therefore they are probably dumb asses.” Dumb asses have indeed been a pivotal part of each and every society, contributing their lack of purpose to humanity with that sense of overwhelming meaninglessness we have all come to appreciate as light entertainment or occasional horror (as in the idea of people voting for someone based on a hypnotic mantra, “Yes we can”).

Dumb-asses are a particularly relevant segment of the populations at K-mart and government offices. Many achieve high office and contribute to a sort of noble malaise so prevalent in the perennial dumb- ass paradigm.

Attempts have been made to confront the dumb-ass societal affliction with such statements as “don't be such a dumb-ass”.

Dumb-asses seem to manifest eternally. They in fact often serve a great purpose to society's well being by allowing us non dumb-asses to feign sympathy for their unique form of victim-hood. The huge sums of money spent by governments to lift people out of dumb-ass inspired inertia is the finest example of how dumb-asses can help on another. Remember, dumb asses are just like you and me...except they're dumb asses.

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